Updating whois information

Maintaining updated contact information for your domain name in the WHOIS database is an important practice.

You may not realize it, but there are certain important reasons why you should update this information, especially the registrant contact email address for your domain.

Your registrar is responsible for publishing the relevant domain information in a WHOIS database.

Anyone can query the database for a domain record to find out when it was registered, where its name servers are pointed, who the owner is, and more.You no longer need to log in to your CIRA account to approve the changes for your . Please note that in some cases the registrant information updates may be locked for 60 days. CA domain can be made directly via your Namecheap account.You cannot currently change the Registrant, Administrative, and Techncial record separately in our system.When you change the contact of a domain, our system will automatically attempt to update Registrant, Technical and Admin contacts together.Before you can change the Whois for your domain, you need to first check if the information in our system is in sync with Nominet.


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