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Trailblazers was formed as a result of unmarried people looking for a singles social group involved in a variety of fun activities. Trailblazers has no political or religious orientations.

I am a single, mid 30's prof, and really enjoy outdoor activities and being able to snowboard, etc during the winter. I would need to be relatively close to an airport and hopefully close to a somewhat mature area...don't want to live out in the boonies!! I have a whole routine for investigating a town online- looking at real estate on a couple sites, population info on Wikipedia, travel routes on google maps, etc.

All single parents, ie mums and dads, who take care of their children part time or full time are welcome to join our group. We arrange events for both parents and their chilren and some adult only events. When setting up an event on the site, as it is a public website, please do not include your phone number or other personal contact details.

When adding a comment to an event, again, please don't include personal contact details.

The Trailblazers can be found hamming it up at the zoo, attending murder mysteries, bowling, or just holding serious discussions about topics of interest.

They hold picnics at least four times a year, and have elaborate parties, some in masquerade.


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