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Be sure to keep watching, there’s no telling what you’ll see.We have two cameras to cover the feeder and the area around the feeder.A hard shell case offers arguably the best protection for challenging situations.Some come with several layers, including a rubber insert and polycarbonate outer shell. Cell phone cases fall into one of a few specific categories. Not only does a case protect the precious device from bumps, falls, and scratches, but the latest selection from brands like Otterbox, Lifeproof, Case-mate, Speck, Kate Spade, Modal, Platinum, and Insignia are ultra-stylish, turning your tech device into a fashion statement.Others include two pieces that snap together to protect the entire back and perimeter of the device.But there are simpler, one-piece designs in this category, too.

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Only i Phone audio chatting was possible on older generation i Phones with some i Phone applications like Skype, and Fring.However, it didn't take long until other third party i Phone chat applications implemented video calling and overcome the wifi limitation of Face Time. Face Time is an i Phone application that is pre-installed on the i Phone , forth generation i Pod touch, and future i Pad's.Yahoo Messenger now supports video chatting on mobile devices.There are many other third party i Phone applications like Tango and Yahoo messenger that allow you to achieve the same objective but are moving a little faster than Face Time.When video chatting was released with the i Phone 4, video calls were limited to wifi only, and to only one application from Apple called Face Time. Visit our website site at see all 3 cams together!


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