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Long and narrow vaulted nave of Alcobaca Monastery in Portugal. In fact, he was so worried about their potential union and it affects on the crown, that he had her assassinated. w=303&h=379&crop&ssl=1" width="303" height="379" data-original-width="303" data-original-height="379" itemprop=" title="Tombs-in-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="Tomb of Dona Ines in Alcobaca Monastery in Portugal." style="width: 303px; height: 379px;"/ Tomb of Dom Pedro in Alcobaca Monastery in Portugal. We finally bid adieu to Dom Pedro and Ines and wandered to the massive kitchen in the Monastery. The two story cloister was every bit as beautiful in person as I had previously seen in pictures. w=360&h=540&crop&ssl=1" width="360" height="540" data-original-width="360" data-original-height="540" itemprop=" title="Fountain-in-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="Water basin in the Monastery of Alcobaca, Portugal." style="width: 360px; height: 540px;"/ Taking in the view from the upper level of The cloister in the Monastery of Alcobaca, Portugal. It is a Dominican Abbey built over several years in the 1430s in gothic style with strong Manueline accents. w=796&h=637&crop&ssl=1" width="796" height="637" data-original-width="796" data-original-height="637" itemprop=" title="Cathedral-in-Batalha-Portugal" alt="Monastery of Batalha from the front." style="width: 796px; height: 637px;"/ The exterior of Batalha Monastery illustrates why the church took two centuries to be completed. in Batalha Monastery Portugal." style="width: 432px; height: 540px;"/ Vaulted ceilings of the corridor adjacent to the Royal Cloisters. Looking up at the open ceiling of the Unfinished Chapels in the Monastery of Batalha, Portugal. Legend has it that the church was circular in design to enable the Knights to attend church while still on horseback. However, the most popular feature of the church is an ornate window found on the exterior better known as The Manueline window. Crow Cloister in Convento do Cristo in Tomar, Portugal.

According to legend, Dom Pedro chose at his time of death for them to be laid in such way so that when they arose in the afterlife they would see each other. It’s hard to imagine the need for such a large kitchen. w=263&h=328&crop&ssl=1" width="263" height="328" data-original-width="263" data-original-height="328" itemprop=" title="Fishing-pond-in-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="Catch basin in the kitchen of Alcobaca Monastery usually had fish that had come directly from the waters of the surrounding area." style="width: 263px; height: 328px;"/ The refectory or dining room of the monks in Alcobaca Monastery, Portugal. We walked among the orange trees in the lower level to get a 360° view of the intricate design. The Manueline style really stood out as it is quite different from the rest of the Monastery. Its great architectural value and historical significance led to the building being classified as World Heritage in 1983. The limestone building, now in an ochre hue due to time, has pinnacles, parapets, and flying buttresses. Whatever the reason, it remains one of the most striking altars I have ever seen. w=517&h=413&crop&ssl=1" width="517" height="413" data-original-width="517" data-original-height="413" itemprop=" title="Exterior-of-the-Knights-Templar-Church-in-Tomar-Portugal" alt="Exterior of the Templar Church in the Convent of Christ, in Tomar, Portugal." style="width: 517px; height: 413px;"/ Circular altar of the Charola (Templar Church) in the Convento do Cristo (The Convent of Christ) in Tomar, Portgual. The Manueline Window of the Manueline Church in Convento do Cristo in Tomar, Portugal.


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